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By. Garrett Guzman

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. While I don’t wish to call anyone stupid, I do find this acronym very important in today’s society as it relates to health and wellness. There is so much being thrown at us every day from the media regarding the latest fad diet or exercise plan (or perhaps even biohacking idea) that it can be extremely overwhelming. What ever happened to the good old basics; the fundamentals of health and wellness? Well, the basics are not overly profitable as it relates to selling you and me the greatest new potion, pill, or powder. Nine times out of ten it simply boils down to economics. While I am in full support of continued economic growth, I won’t stand behind it if it interferes with improving our health. Unfortunately, this puts me at a crossroads with many “things” in life. But fortunately for me, I know exactly where I stand on these issues: nothing comes before or above our individual health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). As a society, this is something we continually try to hack with the latest and greatest new ideas or gadgets. However, despite some of these hacks having the ability to marginally improve our lives, nothing will ever improve without a solid foundation of the basics. What do I mean by the BASICS? Let’s KISS; optimal amounts of the following: filtered water; daily movement/mobility; daily sunshine (when and where applicable); daily prayer/mindfulness/meditation; nightly quality sleep; organic animal (beef/lamb, wild game, poultry, pork, fish/shellfish, eggs, raw dairy if well tolerated) products; organic fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables; soaked or sprouted (and minimally processed) nuts/seeds/legumes/grains if well tolerated. Is this simple? Absolutely. Is this always easy? Absolutely not. But when it comes to making your health your top priority, you simply cannot waiver. Moral of the story: don’t get caught up in the nuances of the latest and greatest fads; keep it simple and focus on the fundamentals. This will take our health and wellness to the highest level!



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