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Do What You Love!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

By. Garrett Guzman

Life is short; do what you love! I am sure you have heard this phrase from every motivational speaker, and perhaps even on a magnet or bumper sticker. But . . . it is really the truth. Every day, I encounter a story of someone whose life was taken too early, whether through disease or through accident. Nothing makes me sadder than to see someone who didn’t take (or in some cases have) the opportunity to live their life to the fullest. But the truth is, there are also many people who live long lives . . . who never truly LIVE. Time is as precious a commodity as any, and very few people treat is as such. We aren’t promised another day, hour, or even minute. Why are we spending time doing things we don’t love, or spending time with people we don’t truly care to be around? Let’s discuss this idea more specifically.

Priorities: If you love traveling, then make traveling a priority in your life. If you love live music, then make concerts a priority if your life. If you love sporting events, then make going to games a priority in your life. If you love running, then make running a priority in your life. And guess what, if you love spending quality time with your family at your home, then make that a priority in your life. You get the idea; whatever it is that you truly love in life, make it a high priority.

Purpose: If you’re in a career that doesn’t fulfill your purpose, then find another career. And it’s never too late to make that change. This is not to say there won’t be tough days (and many of them) in any career, but the ultimate reward should be worth the fight. Regardless of what career path you are on, know that you should find significant fulfillment in it, far beyond the monetary gain. We are all here on this earth to make a difference in the lives of others, in whatever form that takes shape. If you have the passion for it, you will be more driven to create that difference. Simply stated, pursue your passion every day with every ounce of your being. As I said, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

To sum up this article in a few words, do WHAT you love with THOSE you love! There is nothing greater in life than this.

Do What You Love!


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