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It's A Wonderful Life

By. Garrett Guzman

Every year growing up, my family would watch the classic, black and white movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” around Christmas time. If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it. Not to get into the best Christmas movie of all time, which is always a fun debate around this time of year (and no, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie; Bruce Willis says so himself), but it’s my favorite. And let me tell you why. Perhaps most importantly, the movie is about life lessons; and after years of seeing this movie, call them gentle life reminders to me. Again, not to ruin the movie if you haven’t already seen it, but the basis of the movie is about what life would be like without a specific individual (in this case, George Bailey), as he contemplates taking his own life. Sometimes, and call it often times, we fail to recognize the importance we play in so many people’s lives in every word that we say and action that we take. To use this movie for reference, when just kids, George saved his brother’s life after he fell through the ice of a frozen pond. His brother later went on to become a war hero who ended up saving the lives of many, many others. While this is in great fashion, we often underestimate how many of our words and actions “save the lives” of others around us every day. We can truly have an immense impact on the world around us, even by simply affecting those directly around us. We do not have to be a media mogul who has a far reach to the distant corners of the world to create positive change. We can create positive change right around us. It starts and ends by simply sharing love and kindness to all around us in whatever ways we are able; whether at our home, our job, our school, our grocery store, our pharmacy, our dry cleaners, etc. Now, more than ever, this world needs so much more of this. In a borrowed concept from Gandhi, don’t wait for the change you wish to see, be the change you wish to see . . .

It's A Wonderful Life


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