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N=1 Experiment

By. Garrett Guzman

In this life, we are all a N=1 Experiment. The definition of a N of 1 experiment is a clinical trial in which a single patient is the entire trial, a single case study. While these studies are not definitive by research standards, they are unequivocally vital to each one of our lives. In order to achieve optimal health and wellness, I encourage every person to experiment with what works best for them, in every area of their life. Just because some leading researcher, or some top doctor, or some internet guru, tell you that there is only one way to achieve a specific goal, question it. And in fact, if everyone else is doing it, further question it (rant for another day). In this life, you will find that no one will care more about your health and wellness than YOU. You must take it upon yourself to experiment with various types of exercise, various foods and supplements (and even medications, when prescribed), various hours of sleep, various methods of stress management, etc. What I have found is that every single person I have ever worked with requires individual assistance in figuring out what works best for them at that very time in their lives. Some people love yoga, others love Olympic lifting, while others love spin. Some function great on higher fruit and vegetable intake, others do better on a greater meat intake, while others feel better with more butter. Some require more Vitamin D, others require more Magnesium, and some need specific supplementation to assist with detoxification and/or methylation. Some do excellent on five hours of sleep per night, others do much better on nine hours of sleep, and some need one hour siestas every afternoon. Some seek quiet time in nature to unwind, others appreciate the utilization of the Headspace or Calm app (or other meditation app), and some wish to play or listen to music to chill out. You see, every person has individual wants and needs. But it is 100% our obligation and duty to ourselves to figure this out. While working with a health professional life myself can greatly assist you in sharing ideas and making various recommendations, it’s ultimately in your hands to experiment, track the results, and implement the necessary changes that will bring you optimal health and fitness. In closing, I encourage you not to settle for poor or even average health, but truly seek out those exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and lifestyle factors that improve your health. And once you find them, ensure that you add in them in consistently. It’s your life, optimize it!

N=1 Experiment


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